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Due to the dual nature of this world one cannot underestimate the strong cause and effects evident in the day to day activities in other words what i am trying to say is proof of ties between the physical and spiritual a healthy sane concentrated body has a stronger aura and therefore a stronger spirit, there are ways to manage the physical aspect for those who need some help in this aspect i recommend this site fitness solution


Inner change

Complain complain complain, little do we realize that the complains don’t do much but stress our minds, little do we realize that to change the world we need to first change ourselves which can be achieved with faith supported by good works, channeling out negative energy and bringing in the positive and most of all few things in this plane cant be conquered with LOVE.                                                                                        -chubychu.

Law of gravitation

This morning before i came to work i was boiling eggs for breakfast, when i opened the pot to check the status of the eggs i noticed the three of them had gathered together at the center of the pot as if they unconsciously knew each other and decided to hold hands at the last moments of their present lives on this plane whether the critics agree or not forces attract its as simple as that magnets, gravity are just minor reminders so using this as a landing i think it should seem normal that the greatest forces on earth (MAN) normally attract even if it is at an unconscious level it is also somewhat noticeable in the fact that when taking a walk and someone stares at us we tend to feel a prickling sensation or at worse stumble,. the lesson to be gotten from this is that we should try to generate the type of forces which we want attracted to us as that is exactly what will be attracted to us
-Thank you.

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